With its future-oriented research areas Institute of Construction Economics and Management is a promising partner for international cooperation in R&D.

Our researchers has participated in numerous multidisciplinary projects such as:

  • Life cycle cost modelling using 6D BIM in construction
  • Evaluation of the increased safety and reliability of railway infrastructure after its modernization or reconstruction (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic)
  • Megaprojects – current best practices and future research opportunities (with Sintef, Norway)
  • Modeling of whole life costs of buildings (with Cracow University of Technology, Poland)
  • Megaproject: The Effective Design and Delivery of Megaprojects in the European Union (COST action under the leadership of Naomi Brooks and Mauro Mancini)
  • Procedures to support decision-making in the field of construction investments while ensuring the stability of the area from the perspective of possible flooding (Czech Science Foundation)

In addition, our Institute organises traditional international scientific conference “People, Buildings and Environment“. Last editions are indexed in respected databases Scopus and Web of Science.